RJ Barrett reintroduced himself with great performance last night

It is crazy to think that with the hype between Zion and Ja, RJ Barrett has been forgotten about. Currently he is ranked third in scoring for rookies averaging around fourteen points a game. Tonight against the Rockets RJ put on a show scoring 27 points 5 rebounds, and 5 assists in a thrilling 125-123 victory against the Rockets. RJ had the clutch basket at the end to ice the game for the Knicks.

Kid sure isn’t scared of the big moment it seems like and that is a great sign for the Knicks because earlier in the season they would of drawn this play for Julius Randle just for him to dribble the ball off of his foot and for it to go out of bounds. Finally the Knicks realized that Barrett needs to be the alpha dog of this team because hopefully he is a HUGE part of their future and as a Knick fan that is all I have to hold onto.

RJ has also been very disrespect by the media who seems to be spending all their time on Zion and Ja that they have forgotten that RJ even exists so it was nice to see him get recognized on the national stage!

After a game like this tonight I feel as though RJ will be coming into his groove. Cannot believe I am saying this but I think exciting times are sitting in front of the Knicks, and RJ and Mitchell Robinson are leading the way.

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