RJ Barrett And The Knicks Roll Past The Pacers In An Impressive Win

Through six games this year the Knicks defense has been night and day compared to last year. What Tom Thibodeau is getting out of this roster is very impressive hats off to this coaching staff in developing these young players it has been very apparent. The takeaways from this season so far has been the energy is electric, the defense is evident, and you are seeing real growth from players. The energy this team is showing is so easy to get behind these guys play hard that is one thing you cannot take away from them.

This is a big win for the Knicks it was gritty Knicks basketball against another playoff time! You have to be excited and encouraged if you are a Knicks fan. This team has a great feel to them and the best part is Alec Burk and Obi Toppin are due back from injury so this team at full strength will continue to be fun! If they continue to perform like this you make a few moves at the deadline and you can make that playoff push! This is all very earlier thinking and I know that but this team seems different than past Knicks teams so we will have to wait and see but there definitely a different vibe from this roster they seem hungry.

The best part of all this is you are seeing that they are getting better every game and that is what is awesome too see! Also what is great too see is a nice bounce back game shooting wise from RJ Barrett 4/5 three point range and finishing with 25 points on the night! Everyone is so quick to jump on RJ he is going to be fine! It is great too see him play at a high level and lead the team in scoring this is his team I don’t care what Julius Randle has been doing and soon enough everyone will see that RJ is the alpha on this roster! I get it that the Knicks are 3-3 but I don’t care the Knicks are back! (So far) Cannot wait for what the rest of the season has in store from them! Most importantly the Knicks are undefeated in 2021! Lets go!


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