Rizzo Rakes. Anthony Rizzo Quickly is Becoming A Yankee Fan Favorite

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I mean what can you say? I think Anthony Rizzo is exactly what this Yankee team has needed. He has been about as impactful as you can be in two games with your new ball club I mean just look at his numbers.

From a baseball perspective I can see why fans love him, and I am almost certain he is a great person from the things I have read. I don’t really like giving Brian Cashman credit because he is such a jerk off but this move really seemed like a no brainier and it is already paying off. If Rizzo and Gallo can give this team the push it needs to start going on a magic run he is a genius.

This Yankee season has been nothing short of painful to watch so far this year, and in about the last month it has become actually fun again. If this team is destined to make a playoff push you have the feel the time is now. None of the guys have really clicked yet altogether hitting yet so you feel like they are do to get on a hot streak.

A great thing about Anthony Rizzo is he provides a balance to to the lineup that it has not had all season. The dude doesn’t strike out, he works the count, is able to use the whole field, and all and all he is a PROFESSIONAL HITTER. The real season begun two days ago and I am ready for a strong finish.

I hope this team does not play with my emotions more than they have already this year but I am ready to get hurt. Anyways I have fallen in love with Anthony Rizzo and I am sure there is a lot of other Yankee fans that have too

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