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All Rise For The Cover Athlete

Every once in a while there is a rookie athlete that takes their league by storm. Examples of this are players such as Lebron James in the NBA and Kareem Hunt in the NFL.

In regards to the MLB, there was a pair of rookies that took the league by storm. These players included Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.

Bellinger finished his rookie season with a .267 batting average with 128 hits and 39 home runs. Judge finished his rookie season with a .284 batting average with 154 hits and 52 home runs. Judge broke Mark McGwire’s long-lasting record of 49 home runs in a rookie season.

This is not the only thing going for Judge. After only his rookie season, Judge has been named the Cover Athlete for MLB: The Show 18.

This comes as a surprise as most would think it would be Jose Altuve. Altuve is the front-runner in the race for American League MVP. Also, Altuve just won the 2017 World Series.

From a business standpoint, having Judge on the cover makes perfect sense despite Altuve being the best candidate. Judge is the player that most kids nowadays want to be like when they grow up. His home run hitting ability has taken the MLB by storm.

Growing up as a kid playing baseball, I always wanted to be like players such as David Ortiz or Alex Rodriguez. This was because they knew were able to hit the ball like no other.

Judge is one of those guys.

All Rise for the 2018 MLB: The Show cover athlete.

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