Ring of Combat 74 Results: Danny Ramirez def. Patrick De La Mata

In the fourth bout of the night, Danny Ramirez defeated Patrick De La Mata via UD, and this fight was a complete war.

The two went back and forth on the feet in the first round, but it was Ramirez with the biggest moments, being inches away from a rear-naked choke finish for the last minute of the round. De La Mata was able to survive the attack and make it to the second round.

The second round was razor close, with both men landing on the feet early in the round, before Ramirez landed a takedown and got to mount. De La Mata was able to reverse position and spend the final part of the round on top inflicting ground and pound. This round could have gone either way.

The third round was another toss-up. De La Mata landed some HUGE shots in the first half of the round, but Ramirez was again able to get the fight to the floor in the second half of the round, and completely control the fight from the floor. This was enough to earn him the victroy.

With the win, Ramirez moves to 1-1 on his career.

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