Ric Flair Officiating A Slap Fight Was Pure Comedy #PaulAskren #trillerfightclub

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How can you not love Ric Flair? I am glad I didn’t pay for this Jake Paul v Ben Askren pay per view because it seems like that has happened is various musical performances and apparently Ric Flair hosting a slap fight which is absolutely hilarious. I love Ric Flair and this was one of the more wild things to happen to night.

Flair is a national treasure and forever will be one of the greatest entertainers of all time. I mean he is certainly carrying this event by even showing up because man oh man this would have been a boring night leading up to the fight if Ric did not make an appearance.

But if there is one thing I know about Flair is if there is money Ric will follow so you have to respect the hustle. I just could never guess that he would show up to an event like this but I guess that is what makes him so great when you least expect him he is there.

Seems like other people enjoy that Flair did show up otherwise there would not have been anything entertaining anyone leading up to the fight. Flair will forever be my favorite and this was just pure comedy!

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