Ric Flair looks like a sex abuser in latest episode of “Dark Side of the Ring”

For any WWE fan, the term “Plane ride from Hell” has a lot of significance.

It’s the flight from Europe back to the United States in May of 2002 that featured a lot of the then-Raw superstars including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair and many others.

The episodes focus and the internet’s focus target was Ric Flair, and how he was trying to have sexual relations with the flight attendants on that plane.

Here is some of the fallout of the episode involving Flair:

Aside from the segment with Flair, other parts of the episode were Brock Lesnar exposing himself to Terri Runnels.

And then Lesnar getting into a fight with Curt Hennig as a result of a shaving cream prank.

Terri Runnels also talked about having her ex-husband, Dustin Rhodes, drunk and signing to her. Jim Ross apparently had to tell him to sit down and fall asleep, which he did. Dustin was also the one who had to stop Flair from continuing after the flight attendant.

Scott Hall apparently tried to sexually assault the same flight attendant that Flair did too, which doesn’t come as a surprise because of Hall’s addictions with drugs and alcohol. Hall doesn’t remember this incident.

Hennig and Hall were the main ones who were terminated as a result of the Plane Ride from Hell.

Flair was rumored to have been in talks to sign with AEW to pair him with his som-in-law, Andrade, but with this airing and the internet reacting the way it did, it’s unclear if Flair will be joining the company anytime soon, if ever.


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