Dallas Cowboys

Rex Ryan on Amari Cooper: “I wouldn’t have paid this turd”

Rex Ryan appeared on Mike Greenberg’s stupid show, ‘wake up’, or whatever the hell it is called and called Amari Cooper a “disappearing act” and a “turd”.

To quote Trey Wingo quoting Anchorman, well that escalated quickly.

Ryan was livid that the Cowboys gave Cooper a 5 year $100 million contract this off-season, stating that Cooper doesn’t show up on the road and against top competition. Calling him a turd, however, has the internet in an uproar.

Rex Ryan is a bitter, failed head coach, that is now employed by the shit heads at espn (not capitalized, Got em’!) to run his fat mouth on TV. I think his disdain for Cooper and his “disappearing act” is not an on the field issue, but an off field issue. I think Cooper used to send Ryan feet pics to satisfy his strange fetish, but abruptly stopped when he was traded to Dallas, hence the disappearing act.

Put this on the long list of blunders for Ryan and the former “Worldwide Leader in Sports”.

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