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Revolution Pro “Epic Encounters 4” Results 10/25/20: Gisele Shaw vs. Bea Priestley

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REV Pro Wrestling results of “Epic Encounters 4” from Portsmouth, Hampshire, U.K. 🇬🇧 at Portsmouth School of Wrestling on 10/25/20 free on Twitch:

The show opened with Mad Kurt doing a backstage interview saying he doesn’t even need to prepare for his match against Dan Moloney.

Andy Quildan paid tribute to Ryan Smile. This show will be dedicated to his memory.

Will Osprey beat JJ Gale by figure four leg lock submission. After the match, Osprey said it was a shout out to The Nature Boy and did Flair’s ”whooo!” catchphrase. He said Gale gave him an ass-kicking but Gale still has ways to go because he is on another level. He said he was going to the bar to celebrate and did a Ric Flair strut.

Kenneth Halfpenny pinned Brendan White after a low blow and Candian Destroyer when the referee was brushed away out of view. This was Match #4 of a Best of Five Series. Halfpenny ties it up 4-4 with this win.

Mark Haskins beat Joel Redman by sharpshooter submission after Lord Gideon Grey pulled Redman’s leg while he was on the top rope.

There were taped back and forth promos between Dan Moloney and Mad Kurt to build up their match. Dan McGee is with Kurt at ringside.

Mad Kurt upset Dan Moloney with a sleeper hold and referee stoppage as Moloney allowed himself to be distracted by posing to the camera. This was Moloney’s first loss in REV Pro. After the match, Gideon Grey came out to taunt Moloney for the loss. The returning Sha Samuels then ran out and attacked Moloney from behind.

Kyle Fletcher and Ricky Knight, Jr. did taped promos for the next match. It teased the idea that the winner could be a contender for Osprey’s Undisputed British Heavyweight Title.

Ricky Knight, Jr. pinned Kyle Fletcher after the RKJ Driver. After the match, RJK said he will come after Osprey and finish him. He said Osprey has been slacking off thinking he’s The Nature Boy and enjoying life in Japan while he’s working hard and taking things seriously. Osprey came out and had a face off.

Bea Priestley did a promo. She basically said she doesn’t take kindly to Shaw being overly friendly with her boyfriend Osprey this year as both are champions representing REV Pro. Gisele Shaw said she will do whatever it takes to retain the title and she will break Priestley.

Jamie Hayter is in the corner of Priestley. Aleah James is with Shaw.

Undisputed British Women’s Champion Gisele Shaw beat Bea Priestley by bridging armbar submission. Good match, but short.

The next show is on Nov. 15. They said it will be free again. Osprey vs. RKJ, Samuels vs. Moloney, White vs. Halfpenny 2/3 falls.

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