Rev Pro “Epic Encounters Two” Results 9/13/20: Title Change Controversy

Revolution Pro Wrestling results of “Epic Encounters Two” from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, U.K. at Portsmouth School of Wrestling on 9/13/20 live on FITE TV:

Mark Haskins beat JJ Gale by bridging Sharpshooter submission. Haskins did a brief interview after. He said it’s a new era and he’s going to rule Rev Pro.

Brendan White beat Kenneth Halfpenny by crossface submission when Halfpenny tried to go for a low blow by shoving White towards the referee. Halfpenny complained after the match that White took unfair advantage and he asked for a future rematch. White agreed.

Dan Moloney pinned Joel Redman after the DRILLA Piledriver. The announcers put over that nobody has kicked out of the DRILLA and they doubted that anybody ever will. Moloney said he doesn’t lose and Rev Pro can send him Will Osprey and everyone else.

A video of Zoe Lucas and Bobbi Tyler aired to plug the Rev Pro Shop.

Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Will Osprey pinned Callum Newman after the Hidden Blade and Storm Breaker in a non-Title match. Osprey said Newman is the future of pro wrestling. He called out Kyle Fletcher as his next big challenger.

Gisele Shaw did a taped interview saying she wants to make the division tops in pro wrestling while she is women’s champion. She said she will not let anyone bully her or Aleah James. Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter bragged that they live together, train together and tag together so nobody will get the better of them.

Zoe Lucas came out during the ring announcer introductions for the women’s tag team match/co-main event and sat at ringside.

Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter beat Gisele Shaw and Aleah James when Priestley pinned Shaw after the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Zoe Lucas interfered and grabbed the leg of James to allow Hayter to clothesline her to the floor. Lucas then manhandled a dazed James into the locker room to leave Shaw in the ring by herself against the heels. After the match, Priestley challenged Shaw to a women’s title match. Shaw agreed.

Hype videos and promos aired for Michael Oku vs. RKJ as the main event.

British Cruiserweight Champion Michael Oku pinned Southside Speedking Champion Ricky Knight Jr. after a frog splash to win the title when Connor Millis interfered and pushed RKJ off the top rope. This was a title unification match. Oku did a post match interview acting unaware of the finish. RKJ told him what happened and they got into a shoving match. The announcers said the referee’s decision stands as of now but they promised RKJ that things would be made right.


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