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Retired Buffalo Bills Player Passes Away!

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The year of 2021 has not been great for professional athletes. It seems like more athletes have passed away in 2021 than ever before in previous years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the NFL, NHL, MLB or NBA, it seems like a couple times a week if not more there is a notice of an athlete passing away.

While we are usually on top of these things, this last one somehow slipped through the cracks. It was announced back on May 22nd that former Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Chargers (then San Diego) halfback Fred Ford passed away at the age of 83. Ford played for both the Bills and the Chargers in the 1960 season. While in college. Ford led Cal Poly to the CCAA league football title. He also lettered on the Cal Poly wrestling team, which won the Pacific coast Championship.

In other Buffalo Bills news, current quarterback Josh Allen recently discussed some advice that former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has given him. See what Allen had to say on the subject below:

“The constant thing he kept telling me was to take what the defense gives you, little tidbits here and there,” Allen said last season. “But more so about embracing Buffalo and embracing the city here and this community — the type of people and the food. It goes beyond football when we’re talking, but he’s been great with my development here. Not just as a player but as a person, as well. I couldn’t have asked to be in a better situation.”

Allen and Kelly have been in regular contact since Allen joined the team back in 2018. Just a couple of weeks ago, Allen spent a weekend with Kelly and his wife Jill Hunter’s at Haven Lodge in support of Kelly’s foundations — Hunter’s Hope and Kelly for Kids. During the weekend event, Kelly both literally and figuratively “passed the torch” to Allen as evidence in the tweet below.

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