Rest in Peace Undertaker #FarewellTaker #ThankYouTaker

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It is very simple the most iconic wrestler of all time is hanging up his boots tonight at Survivor Series where the Undertaker made his debut 30 years ago the wrestling world says farewell to him.

It is not up for debate that the Undertaker is the most iconic gimmick of any wrestler ever. He has to be on your Mount Rushmore no questions asked this is truly the end of an era. Its Hulk Hogan, Rich Flair, The Rock, and now Undertaker. What a legend.

That really is crazy Taker is literally so many peoples childhood, giving us countless memorable matches the list goes on and on. One of my favorite Undertaker matches has to be Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemani

Thank you for entertaining us for so long Taker! Rest in peace in retirement Deadman!

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