Rest in Peace, Mr. Peanut

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It’s nuts to think of what has happened to a true American icon. What a life, lived by Mr. Peanut.

In a video that is to be showcased during the Super Bowl, Mr. Peanut is off to the big game in his NUTmobile with Matt Walsh & Wesley Snipes. As they are driving, Walsh appears to see an armadillo in the road and yells: “Lookout!” Because Mr. Peanut cares about humanity and animal rights, he swerves instead of hitting the armadillo, which, is what we are told what “NOT” to do during Driver’s Safety, and the NUTmobile swerves off of the cliff. The friends abandon the car and grab a branch, but the branch starts to snap as the three amigos are noticeably too heavy. The video shows the death of Mr. Peanut. Viewers discretion is advised.

Fans shared their thoughts and tributes to the lovable legume:

Mr. Peanut lived to be 104 years old. Who replaces Mr. Peanut remains to be seen, though it make take some time for all of this to settle.

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