Requirements to Become a Basketball Player

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Basketball is one of the most famous and frequently played sports in the world; it combines accuracy, athletic precision, skill, and most importantly, teamwork. This sport has seen a lot of success over the years, and it has spread across the globe with millions of people tuning in and watching, so you have a lot of things to do first before you can try training to be a professional basketball player. We’ve come up with some of the important requirements needed for you to be one, check them out.


If you’re thinking of becoming a pro, you need to have a body that personifies endurance, agility, and terrific physical shape. You need strong core power, flexibility, and a leaping ability. You have to be agile enough to change positions quickly, rebound properly, block shots constantly, and have the stamina to carry on for as long as it takes. This is a physical requirement that all athletes who try out for basketball should have, allowing the training process and competition in matches to go smoothly.


This goes without saying, but you need years of practice, as well as learning the mental state needed to play this game. You have to hone your skill, and work on your dribbling and shooting skills; one of the best ways to do this is through public ball courts, or having your own hoop at home. Sometimes it’s difficult to have a real hoop installed, but the manufacturers at suggest that wall-mounted basketball hoops can be a good choice for people that want to save space, or don’t have the luxury of installing a basketball pole in their driveway. So there is still a chance for you to practice at home with the right hoop installed that suits your space, and this can still help you with your needed practice.

Age and Education

Although having a reputable education is a great and integral part of anyone’s life, the NBA doesn’t officially require players to have a high school diploma. But with that being said, kids under the age of 19 don’t qualify for the draft anyway, and if they finish high school but decided not to go to college, they have to wait 4 years after their graduation. Also, it’s better to work hard and work on the skills needed to get a college scholarship; you have plenty of universities to choose from, and it’s the perfect way to practice the sport through college sports training and matches. College games are perfect because there will always be a scout that regularly attends one of these games, trying to look for the next big thing in the sport. The potential star and athlete that the league continuously looks for every year is usually handpicked from college. 


Even though there are short basketball players, having the height advantage can be very beneficial for a sport like this. The reason behind this is because the hoops in professional games are 10 feet high, so making shots can be harder for shorter people, especially if they want to dunk the ball. Plenty of short players have made up for that with speed, but if you’re physically gifted and tall, you’d have the advantage of scoring and dunking more, allowing your team to score more points. Also, being tall can make leaping easier because you’ll be able to block better too.


This is a major requirement, and it’s not for physical contact. You need to be tough mentally, too, if you’re thinking of having a career in this sport. Even though it’s against the game rules to tackle another player, you still get to see a degree of physical contact when it comes to offense and defense. When it comes to your mental prowess, you need to work on having the mental ability to take charge, boom with confidence, and make decisions immediately. You must have the clarity to decide if you’re going to make your jump shot, or pass the ball to your teammate to get a score. Remember, this sport relies heavily on having chemistry with your team, so you must know what the best choice is when it comes to playing the sport professionally.  

Any sport in the world needs a modicum of skill and talent to try out; not to mention that you have to be physically able to withstand all the training and matches. The big leagues of the NBA have a ton of players and teams, who work hard to succeed in this sport as a career, so you better be ready to pay your dues, and put in all the effort needed to become a talented and professional basketball player.

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