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Report: Steve Cohen Finalizes Mets Deal

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With a vote for its approval set to take place in November, it’s look that as if the Mets saga for a new owner is completed and there is no ties between former Mariner shortstop Alex Rodriguez and his wife, actress Jennifer Lopez. Instead, it’s Steve Cohen, who is worth over $14 billion, has signed a record breaking deal to buy the club.

As you can see above, the Mets organization has announced the agreement. Per Joel Sherman of the Post, it is a record setting deal on this continent. The record for highest winning bid for a sports team in North America was $2.275B when the Carolina Panthers was sold to David Tepper in 2018. This Mets deal is in the $2.4B range, which is actually lower than Cohen’s original bid of $2.6B. In that deal, The Wilpon’s would’ve kept running day-to-day operations while Cohen got a majority stake of 80%. In this deal, Cohen is a 95% stakeholder, although who the other five percent would go to isn’t specified yet. When the vote takes place in November, 23 of 29 other owners in baseball have to approve of the sale to make it official. It would be the first sale in baseball since David Glass sold the Royals just over a year ago. The Royals had beaten the Mets in their last Fall Classic appearance.

Can Steve Cohen bring the first championship since 1986 to Queens?

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