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Report: NFL Might Cancel 2020 Season Because Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Won An Auction To Watch Monday Night Football At Roger Goodell’s House – @stoolpresidente

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Rumors are floating around that NFL commisionaire Roger Goodell isn’t happy that Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports won an auction to watch Monday Night Football at the Goodell household.

This is causing great conflict with the NFL and ESPN. The original plan was to have a camera crew in the household, with some videos on ESPN throughout the game from the winner of the auction. The winner would also recieve 2 tickets to a game as well.

Now? One source told me today that “COVID continues to be talked about daily throughout officals in the NFL, but now it’s a little different” does that mean…. no NFL season?

That’d be crazy to think. But today the 2021 World Baseball Classic was cancled. Yes, the 2021! I had to look at the calander quick to see what year it was when I read that.

Dave Portnoy winning the auction gives Roger Goodell every more of a reason to cancel the season.

Do I actually believe that? Yes. Goodell has done everything in his power to keep Portnoy away from the NFL. Now? Will that change because it’s for charity? It should. Will it? Doubtfully.

Why does Roger Goodell dislike Portnoy? Well.. Originally it was actually the other way around. Who likes Goodell? No one. Exactly.

Don’t forget, last year… Goodell moved the first game of the season out of New England because of Portnoy:

Portnoy is the guy behind the Goodell clown nose T-Shirts that have been a viral sensation.

Portnoy was also arrested at Goodell’s headquarters during the deflate-gate controversy.

Portnoy has also been kicked out of the Super Bowl:

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