Report: High Speed Chase In Baraga, Mi

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According to reports from multiple people in Baraga, Michigan there is what looks like a high speed chase! With all of the snow on the ground and how icy the roads are this more than likely won’t end well.

The only reports that we have right now are word of mouth from people who watched it happen.

Majority of comments noted that it was more than likely a mini-van driving about 60-70 MPH although original reports were of the vehicle driving 80-100 MPH.


One Facebook user posted:

“Pretty sure a high speed chase just went past the Pines (gas station), a little car just sped by the store followed by 3 cops flying behind it, must’ve been going at least 80 to 100.”

Another user posted:

“High speed chase in baraga wtf.” and said they noticed it going about 50-70 MPH.

Another user commented:

“We saw it they were NOT going 80-100…. 60 tops, and it was a van not a car.”

I will update you as soon as we hear anything.

This isn’t going to end well, the roads are terrible, snow coming down.

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