Reminder: Zion Williamson is Not Normal

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At the half Zion Williamson tallied 23 points on 10-10 FG at the half. He is apparently the first Pelican in history to go 10-10 in a half. He is freak of nature and a dominate force in this league like it or not. It looks like he is going to go for 50 tonight the Mavs do not have an answer for him and he knows it.

ESPN is having a field day with this because it seems like every NBA game they have on it includes the Pelicans and with performances like this it justifies all the games they have Zion on.

Zion is truly something the league hasn’t seen before he is very unique in everything that he brings to the table. He has it all his game speaks for itself, he’s marketable, and he has the ‘IT’ factor. My only concern with Zion is his longevity, and eating habits. He looks as though he is in good shape right now but remember what he looked like in the bubble it looked like he had a few bowels of gumbo in there as well.

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