Reminder: The Packers Drafted Jordan Love Instead Of Drafting Aaron Rodgers A Wide Receiver In Arguably The Deepest WR Draft Of All Time

Someone in the Green Bay front office either; hates Aaron Rodger or has supreme confidence in his abilities that he could throw to dummies as wide receivers. You cannot justify to we in arguably the deepest draft for wide receivers that in the first round you have a chance to get a great talent alongside Davante Adams that you elect to draft a QB in Jordan Love that no one has heard of before.

This draft was too good in terms of WR talent to pass up on any of them but the Packers as an organization thought they were smarted than everyone and decided to go the Jordan Love route. If I were Aaron Rodgers I would of either held out for a contract extension or asked to be traded. This must of felt like the ultimate slap in the face.

The Packers must have no plans for Jordan Love presently because Rodgers looks like he play at high level for the next three years at least. But hey at least you have Jordan Love to sit on the bench right?

But maybe Jordan Love because a successful successor to the throne and goes on to be their franchise QB for the next ten years after Rodgers and the Packers will be laughing in everyone faces. But drafting Love does not make any sense because this team is built to win now right? So you would think adding a good young wide receiver would be the best move moving forward for this franchise right?

I just do not know how you can justify that move to the fans right now currently. As it stands right now the Packers have to the favorites coming out of the NFC am I right? I do not see a team better than them. We will have to wait and see but one has to wonder what would this team look like if they added one of the wide receivers of this draft class?

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