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Remembering Andrew Ference’s Infamous Glove Malfunction | @Ferknuckle

You know in Sandlot when Squints sexually assaults kisses Wendy and “This Magic Moment” starts playing? That’s what happens in my head when I rewatch this clip. Andrew Ference rips home a wrist shot in game 4 against the Canadiens in 2011 and addresses the French-Canadian crowd perfectly.

Ference actually said after that game that his glove “malfunctioned” ~wink, wink~ and that it was an accident. Considering the Bell Centre in Montreal was filled with fans booing the American National anthem and threatening to seek legal action after literally calling the police on a demo Chara earlier that season for finishing his check on Max Pacioretty, I think my glove would’ve malfunctioned too. Miss you, Andrew.

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