Reggie Bush’s Wife Is Hot; Bush Comments On Heisman Trophy Removal

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Reggie Bush has done a lot of things right throughout his life. He had an impressive collegiate football career at USC. He certainly had success in the NFL with various teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions. With all that said, Bush’s biggest win in life was the fact that he was able to land his wife Lilit.

Why is that? Check out the picture of Lilit Bush below and you’ll see why!

“I could have kept the Heisman and said, ‘I don’t have it,’ but there was something in my spirit that said ‘it’s okay, give it back, it’s going to return to you,'” said Bush on a recent episode of the “Cold As Balls” YouTube showfrom Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud production company.

“I 1,000% want my damn Heisman Trophy back,” said Bush. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it back. But to me the silver lining is, I believe what happened with me had to happen so we could get here in 2020.”

Reggie Bush also commented a while back on the Heisman Trophy and whether or not he wished he still had it in his posession.

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