Reggie Bush Will NOT Be Getting His 2005 Heisman Trophy Back Because The NCAA Sucks

Fuck the NCAA. Free Reggie Bush in all honestly I know back in 2005 the NCAA still had all their politically rules and likeness and blah blah. Who cares Reggie shouldn’t have been punished in the first place, arguably he had the most individually dominate season in the history of college football.

It is a shame that he was punished for something that did not effect his performance on the field in a negative or positive way. Him getting his Heisman trophy will never makes sense, and you would think because of the new likeness and recent NIL change.

The NCAA is a huge mob and the fact that 16 years later will still not give his trophy back is besides me. I do not know why they will not consider reversing penalties or previously vacated records from past years from the recent NIL changes.

It is just so stupid, it was then, and it will continue to be until they give him his Heisman back. So in conclusion the NCAA still sucks, and will continue too. Free Reggie Bush.


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