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Redskins Cornerback Josh Norman Spends Time Running With and Jumping Over Bulls in Spain (Video)

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Washington Redskins All-Pro cornerback Josh Norman is having an intriguing offseason before training camp begins this month. 

Very intriguing that he is literally jumping over bulls in Spain. 

The 31-year-old cornerback was spending some time in Pamplona, Spain celebrating the tradition of the running with the bulls. 

Once all the chaos and the running was over, Norman went to the bull ring and came face-to-face with the wild animal. 

Which leads up to this insane video of him literally jumping over the bull and running for safety afterwards. 

Video post credited towards Barstool Sports and Deadspin. 

The good news for fans and the Redskins’ sale is that Norman would come out of the event feeling fine. He even provided some saying on what he thought of the bull encounter. 

It was fun. It was fun, man. It was worth it. It was really worth it,” Norman said. 

And I bet it was worth the great time over in Spain when he posted a message on his Twitter page. 

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