Rebecca Black Just Dropped Friday Remix 10 Years Later and It’s Just As Bad… If Not Worse Than The Original

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I’m not trying to be mean or anything. But Rebecca Black should probably just give up music.

10 years ago as a young teenager she dropped a song, Friday, which ended up being the most disliked video on YouTube at the time. Needless to say the young teen wasn’t liked by many. Myself though? I felt bad for her.

But today, I no longer can.

She decided to drop a remix of the song Friday, and the 10th anniversary of the original song debut and it’s just as bad as the original.

I mean seriously… why would she do this to herself?

I understand why she’d want to try and change everyone’s thoughts on her. But this is literally the original song just sped up and sounding literally… terrible.

Here is the original:

Here is the new:

Well… she’s all grown up. And still sucks at making music.

Here is my remix video:

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