Real Japan Pro Wrestling 15th Anniversary Results 6/26/20: Tribute To Ali vs. Inoki

Real Japan Pro-Wrestling “15th Anniversary 2nd Strong Style Vol. 6” results from Tokyo, Japan at Special Hall live on Nico Video:

RJPW representative Takemasa Hirai came out to the ring to welcome the viewers. He spoke about the history of the company founded in 2005 by the original Tiger Mask, Satoru Sayama. Sayama was not at the show due to ongoing health issues and this is a no fans event because of the virus pandemic.

They did a 10-bell salute in memory of Hana Kimura.

Hideki Suzuki beat Ikuto Hidaka by submission in 10:21.

Maika Ozaki and Syuri beat Miyako Matsumoto and Yuu when Syuri pinned Matsumoto after a buzzsaw kick in 15:40.

RJPW Chairman Hisashi Shinma came out to the ring and introduced a video message from Satoru Sayama. They did an in-ring ceremony to commemorate the famous Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki “boxer vs. pro wrestler” bout that took place on June 26, 1976 at Budokan Hall ending in a draw by guest referee Gene LeBell after the judges couldn’t come to a unanimous decision.

Rocky Kawamura and Kouki Iwasaki beat Shogun Okamoto and Raijin Yaguchi when Kawamura pinned Yaguchi in 13:51.

UWA Asia Pacific Champion Hayato Mashita pinned Yoshikazu Yokoyama after a Real Dangerous Drop in 12:38.

Super Tiger, Masakatsu Funaki, Super Rider, and Alexander Otsuka beat Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo Kashin, Takashi Sugiura, and NOSAWA Rongai in 23:46 when Super Tiger had Rongai locked in a chicken wing submission hold.


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