Rat Trick; Three most hated players in the NHL.

The NHL has a history of dirty players. From Claude Lemieux and Marty McSorley to Todd Bertuzzi and Matt Cooke, some instigators have taken their nonsense to the next level and ascended to the role of the rat. With the recent spotlight on Nazem Kadri’s hit on Justin Faulk on May 19, let’s look at Kadri and two other jackasses in the NHL.

Nazem Kadri

I’ve always hated Nazem Kadri. He’s a talented hockey player that resorts to cheap shots and starting fights he can’t finish. Kadri has a history of shit talking and then cowering when somebody confront him. While I can go on about how much of a little bitch he is, I’d rather highlight his illegal play.

If Kadri doesn’t get suspended for this hit to Justin Faulk, I would be not only surprised, but pissed. Given his history he should get at least three, if not five, games for this hit. Now as an effort to make us feel better. Here’s a clip of Kadri getting his ass beat.

Tom Wilson

The incident on May 3 where Tom Wilson suckerpunched New York Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich and ragdolled Artemi Panarin and the fallout and subsequent linebrawl on May 5 adds to the laundry list of shit he’s done in his career.

I’m not gonna lie, Wilson should have been suspended a handful more times in his career. He should’ve been suspended in 2018 for this hit on Alexander Wennberg.

The fact that Wilson was only fined $5,000 for the incident with the Rangers is a disgrace especially because he was suspended only two months earlier. Again, let’s watch this guy get his ass beat for a little bit to feel beter.

Brad Marchand

Now we get to the biggest and in my opinion the most infuriating person in the NHL. Brad Marchand is like Kadri, but more talented and more of a little shit. He’s a gutless player who will spear somebody in the junk one second, score a goal the next and then lick someone right afterward. I’m not kidding, he licks people.


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