Rapper Dylan Jacob Arrested In Las Vegas

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If you’ve ever strolled down Fremont St in Las Vegas at night you’ve more than likely listened to rapper Dylan Jacob. Jacob has been on TV shows through his young career and has really made a big name for himself.

He’s awesome and performs in such a unique fashion. His freestyles are fun to watch, even when you’re being roasted. He has a great way controlling a crowd.

Sadly we learned that Dylan has been arrested in Vegas per an Instagram story post by his body guard.

The post claimed that he was on the wrong side of bad policing and that as soon as his bail is posted he will be out.

We will have to wait and see if we hear an update on what happened.

If you haven’t watched him perform here is a video that I posted when I was in Vegas over a year ago:

We don’t know if this has anything to do with the viral Reddit post of Dylan and his bodyguard punching a man for filming his bucket of money on Fremont St.

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