Ranking The Top Has-been Athletes Turned Bloggers At PSE Based Strictly On Photos From The Glory Days

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As you start to grow older your years of playing high school or even for some college sports starts to be nothing but a memory. And that is where we are at today, we are going right down memory lane. With non-other than the bloggers who are at Pro Sports Extra.

Not all of the bloggers, half of them didn’t send me pictures in time. But for those who did, I ranked them.

But instead of basing this on anything about skill – this is fully based on the images they’ve sent in. It’s hard to rank people who play different sports but here we go!

11. Jameus

It has to be tough to come in dead last. But Jameus is a great person. His image of his soccer days though? Looks like it’s straight off of his grandmas fridge. Kinda seems like he might fall when he goes to kick.

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Jameus now:

10. Tony Bagels

Speaking of grandmas fridge – come here my little Tony Bagels. Tony might be one of the best athletes out the crew currently. But this is strictly based on the images that were sent into the group chat.

The wild thing about Tony… His head size hasn’t changed since the photo, which is saying something because his head is still 10x the size of the average person.

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Tony now:

9. Schultzy

Cam is one of the hardest working bloggers here but his athletic ability? Well… Needless to say he’s coming in at number 9 for a reason. He sent in two photos. The one above and the one below.

Neither of them scream out ‘star athlete’ at all.

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Cam now:

8. Justin Watry

Here is where I’m at with Justin… He seems like he’s double everyone’s age while he is wrestling and some of the moves look they like hurt… This is strictly based on photos.

Here are some of his wrestling videos though:

Justin now:

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7. Jeffrey Iafrate II

Jeffrey might actually be a decent athlete. He might have a decent shot on the basketball court but to be honest he doesn’t scream freak athlete to me. He seems like someone who’d pull up from three maybe 2-3 times a game and nail one.

He might have been a hustle guy. But the pictures of him basically playing pick-up or travel basketball aren’t helping him out on the rankings.

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Jeffrey now:

6. Jon

I can’t lie, I originally had Jon at number 3. But then I started thinking.. Why because he’s on a team that won a trophy? A golfing trophy. I didn’t even know golf was a team sport. I’m kidding. I mean, yeah.. “it’s a sport” and then he sends me in a baseball photo that looks like it was found on clipart in the early 2000s.

On the other note.. This is for has-beens. Golf is a sport you can play until you’re old and wrinkly.

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Jon now:

5. NateDogg

If I was basing this strictly on the photo above.. Nate might come in at number one. But I love NateDogg so I’ve got to rip on him a little. His pictures of him running aren’t the best looking.

Although.. I’ll tell you what all the images have in common.


And that’s why Nate is at number 6! He’s gritty and ready to eat some knee caps.

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Natedogg now:

4. Tommy Lindstrom

It’s hard to rank Tommy. His photos are from the early 1900s but he’s wrestling. So… That automatically gets him in the top.

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Tommy now:

3. Will The Thrill Pruitt

Regret. That’s all that image shows.

Sweat and regret.

I’ll never understand why someone would enjoy running so much. Seems pointless. Where you going? Oh… to the finish line. Goooo you! How about you score a goal or some points, instead I’m going to run in the woods with a hundred others.

On the other side of everything this second image of him is a little better! And if you’re willing to run for a sport… You’ve got my respect. I don’t even want to get off the couch.

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Will now:

2. Timmy

Timmy is a man amongst boys. It seems like everyone else on this list has been playing boy sports. Timmy on the other hand, completely different.

He’s about ready to take your head off.

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Timmy now:

1. Angel

The top two seemed pretty easy for me. Timmy and Angel. They both look like men in the photo’s and in a way that’s totally different from #8 Justin Watry. Angel was playing in All Star games! Dude must have been a beast. That image sums it all up.

Although he might be one of the oldest on the list **IMAGE IS FROM 1998 – I WAS BORN THAT YEAR** he’d probably still tear majority of us up in a game.

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Angel now:

Holy hell! What a list. Imagine if every PSE blogger had sent in an image. We are missing half of them. We got ourselves a pretty athletic sports team.

Oh yeah… Where would I, Trevor ‘TrevStone’ Uren rank on this list?



I’m top 3 easy!

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