With the start of 2018 we got a new Coach and now it’s time to start rebuilding a team that he can bring back to be a contender for the Super Bowl.  Free agency and the draft will be the first ways we can build for a better future and with all the draft picks we used on defensive backs last year the last thing we need is another.

Hopefully Gruden can develop them into the spot they were drafted.  Our number one pick last year missed most of the year behind rape allegations and then injury as soon as he came back to play.  Right now we aren’t sure what we are going to get from him since no one in the nation really got to see him last year, but there is hope for him and the defensive backs we drafted last year.

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What we need now and haven’t had in a long time is a presence in the middle of our defense the quarterback of it if you will.  Khalil Mack is outstanding and will only get better with talented parts around him.  Roquan Smith is the light at the end of the tunnel for us so I feel we need to do whatever we can to either get him in our draft spot or if someone else is going to take him move up and get him.  I don’t care what the underwear Olympics are going to tell us about him.

I watch enough football I don’t need to watch him do track events to tell you he will be good in the NFL.  Our cap space is not going to be great this year we will have to sign Khalil Mack to a big contract,  so there is no way to fill this position with talent in free agency this off season. I also don’t believe there is anyone out there at the price we can get Roquan and or is as talented as what he is or will be.

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Let’s hope our receivers hold onto the ball this year and get back to 2016 form.  I think Gruden is the man for the job and perfect for our soon to be move to Vegas!

Let’s get Roquan and turn this defense around and get RAIDERNATION back into the playoffs the way the NFL is supposed to be. As we all know the autumn wind is a Raider!

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