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Racists James DeMarco/ Joseph DeMarco From Franklinville, New Jersey Kneel On Friends Neck While Flaunting Trump Flags As Black Lives Matter Protests Goes By

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I’m not going to stop calling out people who are racist!

As a black lives matter protest went through the New Jersey area, James J. DeMarco or else Joseph A. DeMarco decided it’d be right to grab some friends and make fun of the protest.

As people walked down the street, on the side of the street you can see DeMarco kneeling on a friend, while yelling at the protesters.

Obviously this is him ‘showing’ that George Floyd couldn’t die from the pressure on the back of his neck.

DeMarco is a Corrections Officer at South Woods State Prison (856) 459-7000 and Bayside State Prison (856) 785-0040!

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