Calling Out Racism

Racist Throws Glass Bottle At Jogger – Tiffany Johnson Attacked In New York

The hate in 2020 is real. A video posted on Facebook shows a neighbor yelling at a black neighbor. Saying multiple racist slurs, almost daily for years according to the video.

Calling her black trash and much more. It ended up leading to the black lady going for a jog and the racist came out and threw a bottle at her.

Things like this continue to prove that 2020 is the worst year ever! How do people have this big of problem with someones skin color?

Absolutely sickening.

Tiffany Johnson, 37, who lives in Woodside, didn’t report the Aug. 17 attack on 53rd Place and Broadway in her neighborhood until a friend saw the shocking video posted on social media.

“I just wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible. My safety was my first concern. Her mentality is her problem,” she said. “I don’t really like to take on other people’s issues. That she thinks that way is her problem, not my problem.”

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