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Racist Florida Woman Verbally Harassing Landscaping Crew ARRESTED!!

We have just learned that the racist lady that I blogged about earlier has been arrested! Yup. The lady from Orlando who was very racist while harassing a landscaping crew has been arrested. [Employees now have a GoFundMe, click here to view it]

The women hasn’t been identified although she is clearly racist, she more than likely has a mental illness. Hopefully, if she does she gets the help she needs. She might have a lot of things wrong with her although that isn’t an excuse.

I’ve done almost a hundred of these type of blogs and this is the first time I’ve claimed someone might have a mental illness.

Here is the link for the original post, click here!

As for the workers, they’ve talked to a local news outlet:

“We were just trying to figure out what the hell we did to this lady, trying to make it right,” Cordova the worker/boss who recored said. ” … She was in my coworkers’ face … just going off. … She was trying to say all those hateful things, and they weren’t even being bothered — they were joking around. The more they were joking around, the more she got mad.”

“We tried to calm her down,” Antonio Harris told the Orlando Sentinel. Added his brother, “The more we tried to calm her down, the more irate she got.”

There is a video surfacing the Internet of her being arrested and you can watch it below:

The workers now have a GoFundMe to have a day or two off and enjoy it! Click here to view it or donate!

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