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Questionable behavior by refs lead to ire of fans in New England Patriots win

The 5X Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have had their fair share of controversies in the past decade and a half. From the Tuck Rule all the way to Deflategate, the team from Foxboro just can’t seem to stray completely away from NFL controversy.

Add Sunday to the long list of controversies this team has been a part of…..or so we thought.

A little under the 2 minute mark in the 2nd quarter of the AFC Conference Championship game last Sunday Evening, New England Patriots RB James White scored a touchdown on a 9-yard run to cut the Jacksonville Jaguars lead to 5. In the photo above, field judge Aaron Santi is seen smiling and perhaps gushing that the New England Patriots were inching closer to the visiting Jaguars.

However, it isn’t truly the case. After attempting to break up what appeared to be a slight skirmish between Jaguars and Patriots players, the field judge turned around quickly and thought that there were two more players further insinuating the light brawl. To his errant ‘surprise’, it was only two New England players (James White, #28 and Caneron Fleming, #71) celebrating the game changing score.

However, this wasn’t it. After the Patriots completed the come back and the game was over, well revered and Super Bowl L referee Clete Blakeman was seen patting QB Tom Brady on the back. He appeared to be congratulating him on a game well played.

Not saying that the referees aren’t allowed to show or have good sportmanship. However, it isn’t necessarily the image that you want to paint for other fans that tuned in to watch this game. Nor the NFL, which has been under fire this season for it’s questionable to very bad officiating. Especially in the latter part of most games. As you would expect, an all out social media backlash followed.

Conspiracy much? Eh, maybe. It sure looks that way. We won’t go that far with it, however. On to Super Bowl LII, we go.

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