Quarantine Has LeBron Looking Scary. Fourth Ring Incoming?

I just saw these pictures of LeBron and while they may not look like anything to the average person, I can tell you LeBron looks like he is in great shape. That is not something new to LeBron either since he spends millions of dollars a year investing in his body and himself which separates him from the rest of his peers. LeBron looks to be in peak shape from these photos and the NBA whenever it returns should just hand the title over to the Lakers because I don’t think LeBron is going to let them lose it.

We all know that LeBron wants desperately to cement his legacy and get at least five rings, so I really truly believe he wants this season to start back up because he knows opportunity is running out on winning another title or titles in that case. He seems on all accounts to be determined to get this season back up and running and I believe it will happen. I don’t know if this is much of an unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t mind seeing LeBron win another title, I am not a LeBron ‘fan boy’ or even a fan but I respect the heck out of him as an athlete and person and there is no denying he’s my GOAT. I wasn’t alive to watch Michael Jordan, and too young to remember Kobe dominating the NBA so before you jump down my throat that is why LeBron James is my GOAT.

NBA Twitter has definitely taken notice to LeBron’s quarantine look and I couldn’t agree more with this guy. He probably has been non stop, keeping his body in shape, and playing ball.

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