QB Carousel: Imagining What Could Be a Wild Off-Season


This NFL off-season should be the most interesting in recent memory. There are plenty of top quarterbacks that are set to become free agents, released, or potential trade candidates.

It very well could end up that the likes of former MVPs Brady, Brees, and Newton could end up with their current squads, but for the purpose of entertainment lets have some fun and see what would happen if we did some QB shuffling.

These represent the craziest of scenarios and in no way do I expect it to shake up this way, but lets have some fun with it today.

Drew Brees – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins and Nick Saban famously courted Brees in 2006 and were very close to a deal with him until team doctors nixed the deal after Brees did not pass their medical evaluation due to a shoulder injury.

Now 14 years and 65,068 passing yards later the Dolphins finally get their guy.

Now 41, who knows how many elite seasons Brees may have left in the tank. He could be the perfect bridge for someone like Tua, who could certainly use a year to work with one of the best in the business.

In this scenario the Saints will hold on to Teddy Bridgewater, elevating him to the full time starter.

Cam Newton – Chicago Bears

The Bears have finally had enough of Mitchell Trubisky and the new regime in Carolina has decided to move on from Cam Newton and takes a QB in the first round.


With one year left on Cam’s deal, Bears GM Ryan Pace decides to trade the small amount of draft capital he has left in order to secure the services of the 2015 MVP.

Chicago is certainly a team that can be looked at as “all in” with the amount of money they have dished out in contract and the amount of draft capital they have traded away. They could be a team that thinks they are just a QB away from being real Super Bowl contenders.

The take another gamble, this time on Cam’s health, and go for it all one more time.

Tom Brady – Dallas Cowboys

Wouldn’t this be something? Tom kisses Robert Kraft goodbye and links up with Jerry Jones and his jerking-off-in-shoes operation.

This would be ESPNs dream. America’s team with America’s dream under center.

As if we didn’t see the Cowboys enough in prime time games, this would put things over the top. This is the kind of splash move Jerry lives for, even if it doesn’t make the most sense for either party.

For Brady, he will have to decide that he has had enough of the culture in New England to head to Dallas and Jerry’s circus. I’m sure this would cause a lot of Patriot fans to riot.

Dak Prescott – Las Vegas Raiders

With Brady signing with Dallas, Dak is now free to sign elsewhere. Looking to upgrade and move on from Derek Carr, Jon Gruden and Mark Davis pay Dak the $40-million per year he is looking for.

“I’ll tell ya what man, you’re telling me we can sign Dak Prescott? Unbelievable, man.”

Football wise, this move could make sense. The Raiders have a decent young roster that can be elevated with better QB play.

Dak is probably an upgrade from Carr, right?

Philip Rivers – Tennessee Titans

Not able to reach a deal with Ryan Tannehill, the Titans are forced to search elsewhere for a new starting QB. Enter Rivers and his 30 kids.

After announcing that Rivers would not be returning to San Diego Los Angeles, Rivers is looking for a new job, and with that many mouths to feed he can’t afford to retire just yet.

The Titans prefer to lean on their running game which should help Rivers immensely. He was always under pressure with the Chargers, but the Titans big offensive line could help to keep him clean in the pocket.

Jameis Winston – New England Patriots

Now equipped with working eyes, Jameis Winston is a guy that has all the talent in the world and that could be successful with the right coaching.

Does New England have a coach that has successfully taken on reclamation projects? They sure do. After throwing 30 interceptions last season, Jameis needs the tutelage from the best to reign in some of his simple mistakes. After losing Tom, the Patriots need a young gun that they can build around to keep the dynasty alive.

While this deal seems the least likely, it could still make sense for both parties in the unlikely event that Brady leaves.

Ryan Tannehill – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are now in need of a QB and Tannehill needs a job. The two come to a contract agreement, and honestly, this seems like a perfect fit for Bruce Arians offense.

Tannehill finally showcased the skills that made him a first round pick years ago. Arians loves to throw the ball down field and Tampa has the weapons to do so.

I could see this one actually happening and I could see it working with some real success.


Now as I said earlier this was a chaos scenario, and in all honesty, I expect Brady, Brees, Dak, and Tannehill to stay put. That being said, there are still should be plenty of movement around the league at the QB position.

Buckle up, because this should be a fun off-season.

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