PSE Writer’s Predictions for WWE Super ShowDown

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Tomorrow is the first PPV event that WWE is running in Saudi Arabia in 2020. Currently the card is stacked with 10 matches. I am not sure what kind of quality we can expect from this event given the card, but last time WWE was in Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins dropped the Universal Title to The Fiend. This event is a placeholder card for Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania 36. We might see some minor titles change hands, but I anticipate nothing more than that. But, then again, you never know.

Some of the PSE writers who cover WWE along with me have weighed in with their predictions for this show. You will see our match by match predictions below:

The New Day vs John Morrison & The Miz:

  • Seth Simon: Seems like these 2 teams have been going at it for months. Morrison has reinvigorated The Miz, and I expect them to go over in this match. The New Day doesn’t need the tag team belts to be over with the WWE Universe. A loss by Miz and Morrison would be a major setback for them.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: The Miz & John Morrison Win
  • Jameus Mooney: Imagine a year ago thinking this is where Kofi would be, but alas, here we are. Back stuck and relegated to a tag team that’s ran its course. Miz and Morrison’s following has only grown in its absence, and they’re still as awesome as they were 10 years ago. I think it’s time to shake the SD titles up. Be jealous! Prediction: Miz and Morrison.
  • BordsBus: Morrison and Miz defeat the New Day. Morrison hits “Starship Pain” on Big E to win the titles.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Miz and Morrison will likely win, but it wouldn’t be crazy to have new day win setting up a three way with the USO’s at mania.

Mansoor vs Dolph Ziggler:

  • Seth Simon: Mansoor hails from the Middle East and won a 50 man Battle Royal in 2019 at the Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dolph will sell the shit out of Mansoor’s offense and will do the job in order to put Mansoor over with the home crowd. Mansoor will then return to WWE’s version of the Witness Protection Program upon his arrival back in the the US.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Mansoor Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: We all know this outcome. Dolph Ziggler should be doing so much more, but it’s Saudi Arabia so Mansoor is on the card and going over. I do like what I’ve seen from him on the Florida NXT House Show circuit and Evolve, though.  Prediction: Mansoor. 
  • BordsBus: Mansoor defeats Ziggler in a hard fought match as Saudi Arabia’s Hero continues his Undertaker-like build.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Mansoor will have his annual SaudiMania win over Ziglesworth.

The Viking Raiders vs The OC:

  • Seth Simon: The Viking Raiders aren’t currently involved in a program of note with any other tag team, unless you count their tangential involvement with Kevin Owens and Somoa Joe. The OC is about to start a program with the Street Profits. As WWE has to make the OC look strong, they will emerge victorious in this match up that very few people, other than immediate family care about.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: The Viking Raiders Win
  • Jameus Mooney: Both teams have been two of my favorites for a long time and while we never really got that War Machine vs Doc and Machine Gun program in Japan, we did get it in WWE, extremely watered down because WWE doesn’t care about the tag division. I’d like to see the O.C. win by cheating to get them into the storyline with the Street Profits and AOP, so that those 4 teams can face off for the Raw Tag Belts at WrestleMania, but I’m pretty sure the Viking Raiders get the win here. Prediction: Viking Raiders.
  • BordsBus: The Viking Raiders fall to the OC.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Viking Raiders will win over the OC in a match that literally means nothing.

Humberto Carrillo vs Angel Garza:

  • Seth Simon: Another loss by Carrillo to Garza and it’s likely he will start appearing weekly on WWE Main Event on Hulu. I’m going with Carrillo, as he desperately needs a win.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Angel Garza Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: I really like what I’ve seen from Angel Garza. He reminds me of a very 2000-esq Eddie Guerrero heel. He’s everything they want Andrade to be and more. As much as I wanted to like Carrillo on 205 and now on Raw, I can’t get into him. So much he does makes little sense and he is a charisma vacuum. For me, he’s just a hand. But, WWE’s the king of 50/50 booking so expecting Carrillo to immediately get Monday’s win back. Prediction: Humberto Carrillo.
  • BordsBus: Garza beats Carrillo
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Garza will take out his cousin Humberto in what should be a great match.

Bayley vs Naomi:

  • Seth Simon: I like Naomi, but no one was clamoring for her while she was missing in action for 6+ months. Bayley will retain the title either by pinfall or lose by DQ.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Bayley Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: This is a huge step for the Saudi shows. The women for the first time will have a championship match in Saudi. This one is a splitting hair because Bayley makes the most sense heading into WrestleMania to be champion, but Naomi winning the title in Saudi Arabia for a “first’ seems to be the most WWE move. I’m going with my gut. I want Bayley as champion at WM, with the winner of the Battle Royal getting a title opportunity. If I’m booking, NXTs Bianca Bel Air is your next SmackDown Champion. Prediction: Bayley
  • BordsBus: Bayley will retain in a match that is largely dominated by Naomi.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Bayley beats Naomi. I’m hoping that will set up a bigger match for WM!

Brock Lesnar vs Ricochet:

  • Seth Simon: Does anyone really care about this match? Does anyone really think Ricochet has a chance? Lesnar wins in less than 10 minutes.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Brock Lesnar Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: I’ve been a huge Ricochet fan since 2013, but I don’t want to see him win at all. I don’t think he has a chance, but I’m hoping for a strong showing. WrestleMania needs to end with Drew McIntyre standing over Brock holding up the richest prize in wrestling. Prediction: Brock Lesnar. 
  • BordsBus: Ricochet will come out of the gate fast and deliver a few quick aerial attacks to the Beast. But, Lesnar will end up making short work of Ricochet retaining easily.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Lesner beats Ricochet in a surprisingly good match. While there is a chance WWE pulls a Kofi on Ricochet, I’m thinking this match will be more closely aligned with his match against AJ Styles or My boy D Bry.

Rollins & Murphy vs Street Profits:

  • Seth Simon: I expect this to be one of the better match ups on the card. Rollins and Murphy just recently won the Raw Tag Team titles. This feud has some legs so WWE is likely to slow play this rivalry. I expect Rollins and Murphy to retain, likely with some outside help from AOP (if they are in town).
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Seth Rollins & Murphy Win
  • Jameus Mooney: I showed my hand prediction wise in the OC vs Viking Raiders match. I have Street Profits going over to set up a fatal four way tag for WrestleMania. The Saudi’s banning the AOP is the only reason I think this match has Seth and Murphy in it. Although, it does kind of seem like they’re giving Seth a tag championship with literally everybody on the roster. As much as I love Angelo Dawkins (I’ve followed him since 2014), Montez Ford has all the potential to be the biggest star in wrestling. Prediction: The Street Profits.
  • BordsBus: The “Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy retain against the Street Profits as KO isn’t around to interfere.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Rollins and his buddy Murphy will beat the Street Profits. Eventually AOP is going to turn on the messiah, setting up a Mania match.

Gauntlet Match (Andrade, Mysterio, Styles, Lashley, Rowan and R-Truth:

  • Seth Simon: The biggest question I have on this match is whether Rowan can get that creature he carries around in the cage through customs? Otherwise, this match comes likely comes down to Styles, Lashley & Andrade. My pick is Styles.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: AJ Styles Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: I’d like to see Rowan win, honestly. He’s been killing it as of late and only winning against enhancement talents goes so far. He’s doing something unique every time out. But, I have AJ Styles winning a very heel heavy match by finally eliminating Rey Mysterio. After the match, I think the Undertaker makes an appearance to set up WrestleMania.  Prediction: AJ Styles.
  • BordsBus: AJ Styles wins the “coveted” Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet March after entering late. Receives a surprise visit from the Undertaker following the match.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: AJ Styles wins the Tuwaiq Trophy

Roman Reigns vs King Corbin:

  • Seth Simon: No way Reigns loses this match legitimately. I can see Corbin getting some help from Ziggler or Roode. But Reigns is not taking a legitimate loss here.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: Roman Reigns Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: Just make it end already. Prediction: Roman Reigns. 
  • BordsBus: Roman beats Corbin (That’s the only prediction that shitty match gets)
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Reigns needs to finally end this feud with Corbin. It’s gone on about 456 matches too long.

The Fiend vs Goldberg:

  • Seth Simon: I have maintained that WWE doesn’t know what to do with The Fiend once he loses the title. Goldberg likes to show up at big events to embrace the fans and to collect a very large check. The Fiend retains the title either by pinfall or DQ finish.
  • tvttedwhiteboy: The Fiend Wins
  • Jameus Mooney: Let’s make this clear: Bill Goldberg winning is the dumbest thing WWE could do. Seeing as he’s long past his heyday, can’t put on a solid match to begin with and it does nobody in the company any favors, it’d just be dumb. The Fiend is the most popular act in the industry today and ending it now would cost WWE a lot of money. Bray can get a major win and target John Cena. The idea of the Fiend is to avenge everybody who did him wrong, so Cena makes the most sense as his WM opponent. Bray can avenge his loss at 30 while John Cena goes for the record 17. Beating Cena clean at WrestleMania would make him the biggest star in wrestling. Prediction: Bray Wyatt.
  • BordsBus: The Fiend will take a severe beating at the hands of Goldberg. However, Goldberg will end up falling to the Mandible Claw, Wyatt retains.
  • Mark Van Pushnburry: Last… the main event… The Fiend takes on Goldberg. While it would be a totally WWE move to kill the push of the top merch, most over character on the roster for an attitude era pop, I’m putting my faith in the company that they will do the right thing. Fiend will keep his title. He may get DQ’ed, but I’m thinking he wins clean. Goldberg will beat the hell out of the Fiend, but he won’t be able to put him away. Fiend gets a huge win, and an L won’t hurt Goldie. The question then becomes who will these two men face? Will Bray throw Cena back to the Thuganomics? Will it be a battle of the Spears? Will Reigns take out the Fiend?

Please check out the Super ShowDown preview by @tvttedwhiteboy when you have a moment. As always, thank you for reading. Feel free to offer comments or reply directly through Twitter.

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