PSE Fantasy League Week 1 recap and Week 2 Preview

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With Thursday Night Football on the horizon, let’s check in on what is happening in the Pro Sports Extra fantasy football league. This league is a winner-take-all-league.

To start off I was able to fend off Joe Owens in the opening matchup and this was a tight one. I was able to sneak by despite having Saquon and Mike Evans putting up poor performances. The difference in this matchup was at the QB slot. Wilson outdueled Lamar in a significant fashion which propelled me to the week one victory.

Other than that, every other game was an absolute blowout. Nate defeated nick by a score of 127-81. Noah’s all Cowboys team scored a crazy 124 points against Deegs’ 83. CEO Trev took the crown for most points in the league with 153, as he beat Murray Bell. To wrap it off, Schultzy beat Rob by a score of 119-83. I would do more of a recap of these games but literally, all games were blowouts. Hopefully, we get some more juice in the upcoming weeks.

What makes this league fun is that 8 out of the 10 teams make the playoffs. So, all you got to do is sneak in and make a run for glory.

Looking ahead at week two, the game of the week is between Nate (1-0) and Joe Owens (0-1). Joe’s team is looking for a bounce-back performance from some of his bigger players, like Davante Adams. He is making a change at Quarterback by starting Tom Brady over Lamar, yes he has both, and hopefully, it will pay off. Nate is led by a phenomenal dynamic duo with Kyler Murray and CMAC. That already makes it tough on Joe and I think Nate will prevail in this matchup.

Meanwhile, CEO Trev (1-0) takes on Deegs (0-1), Schultzy (1-0) takes on Nick (0-1), Robert (0-1) takes on Murray 0-1) and I (1-0) battle Noah’s Cowboys (1-0), but the Cowboys are 0-1 in real life…

Anyway, expect these posts in the future to be more detailed, it was a long week at the office, but football is back and this league will be thriving. I thought last second to inform the great fans of PSE about our league by providing weekly recaps starting today, but as I said, they will be bigger than this. Try to enjoy Thursday Night Football tonight, the game may be brutal to watch but at least it’s football.

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