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PSE Exclusive: The NWA Is In Turmoil


I received word today about the ongoing drama and tensions within The NWA. The talent they have under contract is locked in despite the company itself continuing to be on hiatus due to the virus pandemic. There have not been any official NWA events since January 26, 2020.

Several months ago, I reported that The NWA talent under contract was ”temporarily released” to be able to seek other indie bookings as financial compensation. NWA management didn’t think they would be able to run shows again until at least January 2021 with the virus situation.

Those plans have apparently changed. I was told this morning by three sources that NWA management is now back to controlling the indie bookings of their contracted talent and getting a split of their talent’s indie show fees as well.


NWA wrestlers can’t work other wrestling groups without approval and they aren’t even allowed to appear on iPPV broadcasts for other groups in certain cases or it will be considered a breach of contract. Wrestlers have lost out on bookings and it’s becoming an increasingly frustrating and financially damaging position to be in.

We were told by one source that this is a matter of Billy Corgan being his “usual jaded and insufferable self”. The person added, “if he managed to buy Impact Wrestling a few years ago they would have quickly gone out of business with unhappy employees and his terrible way of doing business with people.”

Weeks ago, Corgan tweeted that NWA Powerrr might be returning soon in some format because he and the crew wanted to get back to work. The company has been showcased the last few weeks on United Wrestling Network’s “PrimeTime Live” which airs each Tuesday at 9pm EST on FITE TV. I was told that The NWA may soon no longer continue to work with UWN in the current format but no other details were given.

Fans, and even some people in pro wrestling, were shocked that Thunder Rosa dropped the NWA Women’s Title to Serena Deeb on “PrimeTime Live” this week. While nobody wanted to slight or minimize Deeb, it seemed like an odd creative booking decision because Rosa was on a roll. She elevated the title to new heights for the modern era by defending the belt in AEW, UWN, and her own Mission Pro Wrestling women’s group. In many ways she has been carrying the NWA brand despite them not running shows at the moment. Her contract with The NWA expires at some point next year.

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