PSE Bets is Coming in Hot!!!

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Alright it’s your boy Johnny B coming in with your free money picks! The boys at PSE have decided we are getting into the gambling wave. And this is the best decision Trev has made. Look at this genius, he’s about to unleash a betting beast.

If you followed me at all during the football season you made money. I was over 60% on my picks for the year, Cha Ching. So each day on Twitter I’ll do some picks and keep track of my record for the week. If I go over .500 I win the week and y’all can be happy I won you some money. If I’m under I will take my punishment. I’m the betting bandit let’s rob Vegas together.

My punishment will be decided by you! I’ll take comments and put a twitter vote up and whatever you decide I’ll do on video every Monday. So tell your friends!! You either follow me we win a shit ton of money and if we lose you decide my fate! I’ll do just about anything! Get creative if I lose, the good thing is I don’t because I love money!! Follow @PSEBets @JohnnyBofPSE

Picks tonight:

Florida State +8 @ Duke

Baylor -6.5 vs Texas

Utah Jazz -1.5 vs Dallas

Radford +7.5 vs Winthrop

Suns +12.5 vs Lakers

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