This Prom Picture With former NFL kicker Jay Feely blew up over the past 24- hours | Proves how weak our society is

Jay Feely, former NFL kicker who works for CBS Sports posted a picture of his daughter and her prom date heading to prom… Well not exactly. He posted a picture that some considered “offensive” and others cosindered “comical”, and well we considered it “gold”. Jay did apologize for the image, even though I don’t think he had to.

Here we go the typical “tough dad” picture with his gun. Something that has been happening for YEARS! And now, it is a big deal. #BadBoys is a movie, and we show you the scene he is mentioning at the bottom.

I’m going to show y’all some of the tweets, share with you a picture from my prom, and hopefully get a laugh or two at the end. Lets dig in…

Here are some tweets from “both sides”:


He issued an apology later on:

Now we are going to do a quick throwback from while I was in High School…. Two guns… One picture. But dang, look at that stud:

Now here is a throwback, I interviewed Jay once. Check it out:

Now here is for some laughs of the sitation:

Here is Bad Boys 2:

But the best tweet has to be this one, sorry Jay:


For anyone who doesn’t follow Jay Feely anymore, please go check out the work that he has done in many communities. Along with so much more! Please realize that this was a J.O.K.E and L.A.U.G.H for once.

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