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Pro Wrestling Tees & CM Punk Step Up To Help Brodie Lee’s Family After Shocking Loss

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It has been a truly shocking past 24 hours, as professional wrestling fans from all over the world continue to mourn the loss of Jon Huber at just age 41 due to a non-Covid lung issue. Last night, I covered all the heart warming tributes and memories that were being shared. Across all companies, across all generations, across all locker rooms, there is nothing but glowing praise for him and well wishes. Whether it was Luke Harper in WWE or Mr. Brodie Lee most recently in AEW, it didn’t matter. He was beloved.

Today, the wrestling world continues to show their love. This time, for his mourning wife and children who are no doubt having a difficult holiday season.

Pro Wrestling Tees announced that all merchandise sales from Mr. Brodie Lee sales on their website AND will go to the family. All proceeds. Obviously, a very cool gesture. It didn’t stop there though, as now it has been announced that CM Punk is doing the same with all of his own merchandise sales on Pro Wrestling Tees for the NEXT MONTH! Considering how much he is rumored to be making off his t-shirt sales, that is a big deal. Such a cool thing to do, as he is more than likely set for life with his money but wants to give back to such a well respected peer. Kudos to Punk here.

The website is if you wish to make a purchase today. Or for any All Elite Wrestling gear.

Any and all help would be appreciated to show support for Lee’s legacy and his family moving forward. Just a prediction on my end, but I believe the thoughtfulness and giving isn’t over yet. Just wait for even more wrestlers to do this. Same as CM Punk and the rest of the boys and girls who loved him and looked up to him. Just great to see how a community comes and bonds together over a lost one. 

Much respect.


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