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Pro Sports Extra vs Barstool Sports In A Stream Off Today

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In the ever changing digital media market. Barstool has been King for some time. Always innovating and advancing how people consume content especially sports. Has a new company arrived??

Most of us here at pro sports extra are huge stoolies and admire their content. What makes companies and teams better? Competition. What will pro sports extra give barstool? Competition. We are the Appalachian State to their Michigan.

We love and respect the hell out of them but we’re coming for the crown. Come join us today at 4pm est streaming NFL games, then the MLB playoffs and the late NFL games. Do you like the underdog and wanna come hang out with chill guys talking and watching sports. Come check us out. We will answer questions and y’all can drop in on the zoom. Let’s beat their streaming numbers. Let’s bring balance to the sports media market.

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