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The porn-industry and pro-wrestling as they been known share a kind of kinship spirit.

 By John Turbo of Black Closet Media – Entertainment

 Fans of pro-wrestling—are you fans of adult entertainment?

 Anybody realize just how similar these two form of theatrics are.

Keep in mind; plainly speaking. The definition of pornography does not naturally correlate as it only specifies the subject of media—being sex. Sex is exploited with uses of various forms of territory without any leanings toward particular business practices. Whether the forms in question are personal or for public presentation. The same goes when defining wrestling. The act of wrestling or the presentation of the subject equally exploited. 

However, the porn-industry and pro-wrestling as they been known share a kind of kinship spirit—if you will.

Both business share a “carnal center”, similar character assignments, similar set emphasis, and similar outsider criticism.

Carnal Center

“Carnal center” prefers to the physical engagement both businesses revolve around. The instance of both sex and/or physical violence are innate climactic stages of animal interaction. Each signify the result of a deep emotional culmination of interpersonal culture someone might have with another. Whether intimacy or conflict, the natural conclusion of these bouts are going to drive a natural interest. 

What concludes in sex is what accurately continues the species. What concludes in violence can persists both societal structure and individual agency. With sex, the brains wired in such a way that you innately seek your personal opportunity to “get it in”.

With physical violence, the brain provokes one to protect and defend self and self-possession from either potential or active danger. Both the porn-industry and pro-wrestling (let us called them pro-entertainment) need to center on natural tendency and engage directly with the brain in order to pertain the best response. 

Here how they do it:

Unlike other carnal-themed media such as action or romantic films, pro-entertainment deals in exaggerated reality which is to create additional quirks beginning from a reality of the engagement. In other words, sex and violence are no longer just sex and violence. Interactions presented with theatrics including various character portrayals, athletics, gimmicks, and storylines.  

These additional quirks meant to intensify one’s innate response to the reality of sex, the reality of violence.

Similar character assignments

Character figures of either media form tend to have an emphatic need to engage in the centered subject. Most if not all of their journey defined by the instance of the revolving subject. The characters, whom are often defined by their physical body alongside being exaggerated archetypes or simplified eccentric oddities to make them easier to identify to the audience, exercise carnal activity in order to achieve some form of self-indulgence. 

When trash-talking, beer drinking, Texan anarchist professional wrestler, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin runs into conflict with his evil boss Vince McMahon during a televised evening of Monday Night Raw, Stone Cold will more-than-likely find resolve in some wrestling match or unsanctioned physical fight with his boss or one of his boss’s many lackeys. During this scripted, but reportedly painful bout, their will undoubtedly be emphasis on attack move sets such as the stone cold stunner and signature gimmicks such as Stone Cold’s middle finger insult or his end match beer-bash celebration.

In a porn-studio film, male and female characters, whether within storyline or not, will practice sexual exploits that will also include athletic move sets and established gimmicks.

Much like wrestling, a scene will put forth great attention to body presentation alongside popular move sets such as the low-arch doggy-style, gimmicks such as dirty talk as well as exaggerated sexual moans, and the end scene cum shot.

Similar Set emphasis

In producing material that enhances one’s natural interests of either sex or violence, a production’s use of essence capture by means of capturing a quality of a subject that best represents it. A camera, for example, can capture aspects of a performer’s actions or appearance that an audience can better engage. A set such as a wrestling ring surrounded by a stadium of onlookers or a creatively designed film set can create an alluring atmosphere. Portrayers of varying body shapes, types, and attires can fuel toward attractiveness, curiosity, and relatability.

Similar outsider criticism

Many might notice that both pro-entertainment receives a lot of flak for their inauthenticity, especially from outsiders of the fandom—calling it fake. If one had to guess, I suppose since the premise of both forms begins with some fashion of reality, I can understand. Aside from much of the amateur presentations of specifically porn, theatrics can put a lot audience off either entertainment. 

I will not deny that without fully understanding the essence of what is present, one would find it difficult to enjoy for what something is. 

In essence, pro-entertainment can be described as theatrical combat or theatrical pleasure. It attempts to attract the viewer using innate realities through the use artistic expression and/or spectacle—much like other forms of media as seen in other reading and visual genres. The difference being that pro-entertainment uses the demonstration of some reality of the centered subject. In wrestling, there are real combative stunts often resulting in real pain. In porn, people are actually engaging in sex.

Photo above is from milfslikeitbig.com: Cockamania Runs Wild (WWE Parody)

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