Potential Number One Pick In The NBA Draft Anthony Edwards Has An All Time Great Quote,”The pandemic was nothing to me. I was already living in a pandemic.”


On ESPN2 today the NBA’s potential number one pick Anthony Edwards and lottery pick Tyrese Maxey had a ‘Klutch Sports Pro Day.” Edwards looked like a stud much like he looked when he was in college but how much can you tell from a pro day?

That isn’t even the news the news comes from an answer Edwards gave after he was asked a question just listen.

I have no idea what this quote means or what he meant by that. It really does not make any sense usually athletes will say they came from the trenches or something along those lines, not equating their experience to a pandemic. This is an all-time quote and if nothing else should be inscribed on something maybe whatever team drafts him should put in in the rafters. What a great quote thank you Anthony!

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