Post Malone Having A Virtual Concert To Celebrate Pokemon’s 25 Years Was A Wild Ride

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Happy Pokemon Day! Wild that Pokemon has been around for 25 years, three years older than myself. To celebrate the event The Pokemon Company had a virtual concert with Post Malone to commemorate the moment. If you missed out on this virtual concert you missed a wild ride.

They had Posty in full CGI inside the Pokemon world and man did he look like a Gym Leader! They really did a cool thing and a lot of the clips that people are posting on Twitter are cool and whether or not you like Pokemon you have to admit this is a pretty cool event.

25 years later Pokemon is a staple in society and many people would wonder what life without it would be like. This also shows how they continue to grow bringing in major artists and celebrities in the mix will continue to grow and bring different demographics inside this world.

An event like this can only make you smile if you are or were a fan of Pokemon continually growth is never a bad thing. I know for myself Pokemon played a huge part in my childhood in so many aspects. So it will always have a place in my heart and life.

Truly a cool event! Congrats to The Pokemon Company for 25 years and hopefully 25 more are on the way! What a great way to celebrate.

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