Post-Draft, Remaining Salary Cap Space of Every NFL Team

Below are the current cap space-remaining figures of each NFL team as of May. All figures are curtesy or and include estimated cap hits of drafted players. Only the top 51 cap hits count toward a team’s salary cap

TeamTop 51 Cap Space
Cleveland Browns$39,009,328
Washington Redskins$36,230,552
Miami Dolphins$32,855,260
Detroit Lions$28,385,346
Cincinnati Bengals$25,751,466
Indianapolis Colts$25,272,985
Los Angeles Chargers$24,338,637
Philadelphia Eagles$22,880,427
Jacksonville Jaguars$21,685,697
Tennessee Titans$21,163,446
Seattle Seahawks$20,997,184
Buffalo Bills$20,037,634
Houston Texans$17,916,307
Denver Broncos$17,701,021
New York Giants$17,006,410
New York Jets$16,529,293
Las Vegas Raiders$12,677,809
Minnesota Vikings$12,341,635
Green Bay Packers$10,856,427
Carolina Panthers$10,746,730
Dallas Cowboys$10,688,205
San Francisco 49ers$10,688,205
Chicago Bears$10,096,501
Baltimore Ravens$9,726,232
Arizona Cardinals$7,090,056
Pittsburgh Steelers$5,696,191
Tampa Bay Buccaneers$3,751,955
New Orleans Saints$2,735,846
Los Angeles Rams$2,383,512
New England Patriots$2,019,715
Kansas City Chiefs$1,560,123
Atlanta Falcons$172,032

*Courtesy, all figures represent the top 51 players under contract.


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