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Possible Tornado Spotted in Southern Upper Peninsula (Menominee County)

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Sunday’s forecast called for high temperatures in the 80s-90s with isolated, severe thunderstorms in the southern, central Upper Peninsula. However, there was nearly a tornado that landed down in Menominee County.

Facebook user Jana Hartfield of Stephenson posted a few pictures and a video of the funnel of the twister forming up which happened south of Carney (in the central portion of the county).

In the video above as they were driving by, it appears that the twister was close to forming with the gray and yellow color sky meeting up.

Also in one of Jana’s pictures, the rain was coming in a downpour moments prior to when the twister was trying to form.

Even including the strong, isolated storms that were in the area, hopefully no one was hurt and there weren’t any damage to any farmland or houses down in that area.

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