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Portnoy Trends On Twitter Two Days In A Row – Barstool Sports Already Winning Super Bowl Week?

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I thought that I just had a brain fart. Yesterday while I was checking Twitter and I noticed that ‘Portnoy’ was trending and just now while checking Twitter I noticed that once again Portnoy is trending. Thought I was having Deja Vu.

Now who is Portnoy? It’s Dave Portnoy, duh. The founder of Barstool Sports. One of the most outspoken people in the world. Someone who continues to shine all over in media from sports to stocks he knows it all.

It’s crazy to think that Dave is getting so big that even if he isn’t doing something huge he’ll trend on Twitter. Back in the day he’d have to do something outrageous to trend like sneak into media day but now he’ll just pick his phone up, make a quick video and he’ll be trending.

Most recently he’s been trending for his thoughts on what Robinhood pulled and losing some money on stocks but everyday is different in Portnoy’s world. The news changes, what he’s doing changes, and hell Friday he’ll probably be trending for someone being knocked out during the Rough N Rowdy fights that are put on by Barstool.

Actually if you think about it Barstool is once again winning Super Bowl week, even if there isn’t huge events they’re finding ways to trend.

Last night Barstool was trending for their new show, Surviving Barstool, where Barstool employees have to stay in the office for a week and compete in different challenges. The production of the show is awesome. And after every episode #SurvivingBarstool has trended on Twitter.

On Friday night they’ll have the Rough n Rowdy fights. For a fact they’ll end up trending as Jose Cansenco will be fighting Barstool intern Billy Football. Wild.. right? Former MLB player Cancenco is going to be stepping into the ring at a Barstool fight!

They’re also hosting a party in Miami. One thing after another. Barstool continues to trend and push in the right direction. Also today the Barstool ICasino launched in Michigan:

I’m sure there is some other things that Barstool has planned for this week. One thing after another, Barstool continues to take huge steps. And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that The Barstool Fund continues to save small businesses.

No wonder $Penn National Gaming stock continues to skyrocket.

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