Portland, ME Velocity Tour Championship Saturday

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The Portland, ME Pendleton Whisky Velocity two-day event came to an exciting conclusion tonight. The event saw many of the of the top 35 bull riders in the world compete for valuable points and the championship buckle. This is crunch time for the riders as the number of events prior to Velocity Finals and World Finals both happening in Las Vegas in November.

The second round was not short of exciting rides as Chase Outlaw was able to get his second ride of the event with an 88 point ride on his reride bull. There were some shocking moments as both Joao Ricardo Viera and Jess Lockwood came down early on their second round bulls ending their weekend with no points at this event. Jose Vitor Leme was able to get his second ride in the event and get a sixth place to gain an a spot in the championship round.

The other excitement of the second round came from World Finals of 2018 winner Marco Eguchi was able to split the round win with Chase Outlaw with an 88 point ride to take the lead of the event leading to the championship round. Brennon Eldred was able to cover his bull this round and sneak in to the championship round via a three-way tie and the tiebreaker was world standings. These are the high points that stood out from round two and lead in to the championship round that was just as excitintg as the overall event.

The stand out points of the championship round were that Jose Vitor Leme looked like he had a comfortable seat on his bull but bucked off prior to the eight second whistle ending his event with no points. The other shocking thing in the championship round is that Chase Outlaw seemed to have his hand pop out of his rope at 7 seconds and bucking off his bull.

This event was important for Chase Outlaw to win not only because he could gain valuable points, which he did gain here 67 points and the leaders leave here without any world points. The other reason for the importance of the Portland Chute Out for Outlaw, is that he is currently on the outside looking for Velocity Finals this year as opposed to last year. That is not exactly the same situation for Jess Lockwood.

Jess Lockwood has a way to gain entry to the Velocity Finals at South Point Hotel in Las Vegas by winning the Touring Pro Division that he is currently leading and could gain on the world leader prior to the start of World Finals (November 6th-10th) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The same does not apply to Chase Outlaw and this will leave him on the outside looking in at the Velocity Finals. Unless he goes to Rapid City, South Dakota event that appears to be his last chance of getting in to Velocity Finals.

The winner of the event via his championship round was Alan De Souza who earned 170 points with the victory of the event. Alan was the only rider to remain perfect over the two day event. Keyshawn Whitehorse was the only other rider that was able to gain a ride in the championship round with an 88 point ride which earned him 15 points from the event.

The event from the first section to the last out of the event delivered on the excitement along with delivering the toughest sport on dirt. It will remain interesting to see if the results of this event may have impact on the world champion race based on points awarded or giving the leaders a resolve to bounce back from not gaining points from an event.

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