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Popular NFL Team Likely To Be Sold; Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Tells Us How Gronk Took His Shot With Her!

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The 2021 off-season has been drama filled to say the lest. The quarterback heavy 2021 NFL Draft caused speculation for many months as to where the new young up starts would get drafted to. Them of course there is the saga that is Aaron Rodgers. Will the Packers trade him or won’t they? The blockbuster trade deal of Julio Jones just wrapped up today, as the Atlanta Falcons traded Jones to the Tennessee Titans.

But what could likely be the biggest news of the offseason is that the Chicago Bears franchise may soon be for sale. The Chicago Bears reportedly could up for purchase due to “internal strife” among the McCaskey family, the team’s current owners, according to Jim O’Donnell of the Daily Herald.

O’Donnell stated that there is a belief Virginia Halas McCaskey (Principal Owner) does not want to sell the team, but that other family members appear to be leaning towards a sale.

In other NFL news, Rob Gronkowski’s swimsuit model and former NFL cheerleader girlfriend Camille Kostek told the world in a recent interview about Gronkowski’s “shooting his shot” with her.

Jermaine Wiggins gave [his number] to me,” Kostek recalled. “So Rob didn’t even approach me. I didn’t approach him because you’re not allowed to do that. I was a rookie following the rules. Rob said, ‘Go ask for a poster and have [Camille] write her number on it for me.’ [Rob] was like, ‘Listen, this is for a friend of mine. Can you sign it?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s what my job is.’ He said, ‘OK, can you put your number on the back? It’s for Gronk. It’s for Rob.’”

“I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not allowed to do that, I’m so sorry,” said Kostek. “He was like, ‘OK, [Rob] had a feeling you were a goody two-shoes and followed the rules.’ So he pulled out this crinkled-up name tag and on the back, it said ‘shhh’ with his phone number. And I just held onto it until I was ready to call him. He knew I was a rule follower, I love it.”

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